Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Play Gym Saved My Sanity!

This winter has been the wost winter for me, I think ever! I am not sure if it is the small apartment? All the snow? Or shorter days? All I do know is I am in one major funk.
Kylie has had so many snow days, and we have been trapped in the house a lot with all the storms. And the bigger Mason gets the smaller our apartment gets. We don't have a lot of windows as it is but this time of year I have to keep the curtains shut to keep warm inside. For the last couple weeks all I really wanted to do all day was stay in bed and sleep until it was spring. And the poor kids have been crawling up the walls with no outlet for all their energy, thus driving me bananas. I haven't wanted to go out and see people, or cook dinner which normally is fun for me. Our regular schedule hasn't been around since Christmas. 
Well finally I couldn't handle it anymore, and made it my mission to get the kids and myself out of the house to do something active. Even if it meant going to the mall indoor playground. So I dressed the kids (lately we haven't been getting out of our jammies), loaded everyone in the car and we went off to a local gymnastics gym with open gym hours in the mornings. This little outing saved my life!! The kids did nothing but run and bounce and play for an hour straight. And I got to run around after Mason and even talk to a couple adults. It was cold out but the sun was out and I loves having it shine down on us while driving! It was wonderful to get out with people and enjoy the kids, instead of being annoyed by them. We are definitely going to make a weekly trip to this gym while there is still snow on the ground! Hopefully it's enough to keep me out of my funk.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Couch to 5K Week 4.....You Suck!!!

So my Couch to 5K week 4 looks something like this:
Day 1-
10 Min warm up walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
2 X 3 min jog 60sec walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
10 Min Cool Down
Day 2-
10 Min warm up walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
3 X 3 min jog 60sec walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
10 Min Cool Down 
Day 3-
10 Min warm up walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
2 X 4 min jog 60sec walk
1 X 60 sec jog 60sec walk
10 Min Cool Down

The weeks before today the longest I ran was 90 second, which was fine, because just as I got sick if running I got to stop. Well not today. I had to push through that feeling of "I want to stop now" and it sucked.
I know most of you are thinking "quit your whining, it's only 3 minutes!" And for the most part I feel the same way, but the last time I ran 3minutes I was 14 years younger and about 70 pounds lighter. So 3 minutes is a big deal to me. But I did it today and I feel great. During the run I would be lying if I said the thought of quitting didn't pass through my head. I really hate running when I am running. But I have to accomplish this, and I will. Even if it means Hating every step across the finish line.
So my message to Week 4 is F*** You!! Because nothing is stopping this Mom!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So what if I am a June Cleaver type with my apron and fresh baked cookies!

I read a blog post today about a mother who regretted choosing to stay home with her children. I fully understand her feelings, and realize some mothers make better mothers when they work out of the home. But she make us stay at home moms, who are better mothers home with the kids, sound like some freak of nature June Cleaver types. I do wear an apron and bake cookies with my kids. I fully enjoy bringing my kids to school and conversing with the other Mothers. I am in no way peppy or out to make working Moms feel bad for their decisions. I am thankful that I can stay home with my kids, but it comes with much sacrifice. Financial and personal. In my former life before children I was a hairdresser. My hair and nails were done on a regular basis. Pedicures happened once or twice a month, rather then once or twice a year if I am lucky. I always had my own cash in my pocket and never had to depend on someone else for money. Now I don't have time or money for making myself a diva. Also with being a hairdresser I was with people all day. Talking to different people all the time. Now I am lucky to have a conversation with the hubby. But with all that change, I will never regret my decision to stay home with my kids. After years of thinking I could never be one of those stay at home Mom types, I realized I can be. And I am damn good at it. I don't even mind the sacrifices so much. I will have years of focusing on me when they are older. Now I want to be with them and enjoy their childhood. And so what if I am a June Cleaver type with my apron and fresh baked cookies!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick of Snowdays

Okay this might make me sound like the worst Mom in the world but I am so sick on snow-days!!! The Princess had a snow day last week, then had a holiday Monday and a snow-day today this week. Not only is it having an extra kid around those days, it usually means we are stuck in the house for at least a day. two wound up kids and one cabin fever mom makes for a bad mix. I know I can take them outside to play and I try to when I can. But it is kinda a pain to suit them up and drag them out. Then 15 minutes later they start whining they are wet and cold and want to come in. Then all I have is wet and snowy clothes thrown around the house. And trying to do errands on a snow day is not ideal either, again stuffing kids in warm layers dragging then in and out of the car, and traipsing snow everywhere. With Mason not walking very well I still have to carry him around a lot. His winter coat makes me feel like I am carrying around a marshmallow baby. 
All in all something that used to bring me joy now brings dread!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Race

So the race I have chosen as my first 5K is the 7th Annual NHTI/Delta Dental 5K Road Race. There was no reason for choosing this race other then when it was happening and that it was in my town. It will be on April 22nd, that seemed like a good time frame for my training. That is a full 16 weeks training.
I am now into my 3rd week. The first workout of week 3 went very well. The running part is still hard but getting better. Still only running for 60-90seconds at a time, broken up with 90seconds of walking. The one big lesson I have learned form this so far is that I might want to cut down on the garlic and onions I eat, since that's all I smell when I do my workout!!!  lol!! Oh well could be worse I guess! 
So all in all things are going well. The workouts are not so bad when my mind frame is in a good place. If I am in a bad mood i find my workout sucks!!! So my goal is to try and always be in a good mood and hopefully my workouts won't suck.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing In The Snow

Here are a few shots of the kids and I playing in the snow after yesterdays major snow storm!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Couch to 5K Journey!

All my life I have seen people run and was envious. The cool clothes, shoes and gadgets along with the fit and tones bodies. I wanted to be them. So year after year I got on the treadmill and tried to run myself. I HATE IT!! Yes i know surprise, I hate running. In my head it is so much better then in reality. But still that goal of running a 5K race is in the back of my head.
 My 2 Brothers are super athletes. They do it all, but mostly they run. They run miles and miles. When they come visit they are always off doing some workout or another. Running, Biking, Swimming. They are damn Triathlete for cookie sake!!! Then there is me. The larger, lazier, mother of 2 sister, Who would rather bake for days then run one step.
 So I have made a promise to myself and only myself to run that 5K this year! Maybe two! But I am going to do it. So I started the Couch to 5K Program. My Brother came up with a good 3 day a week workout schedule for me to follow based off the ones you can get online. I am currently in week 2. Week one was great! I was motivated, it felt good to work out. I *Hearted* my 60 second runs. But now I hate it. Who would have thought 90 second of running would suck so much. I feel great after, but during I feel like banging my head on a wall. But I am going to do this if it kills me!! To be honest the only thing that keeps me going are the cute running clothes I get to buy when I do my race. Also I promised myself I can wear a cute Team Sparkle Skirt at my race! 
I plan to journal my journey to 5K here so stay tuned for my progress!! I WILL RUN A 5K!!!! If only for the cute skirt :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Mothers guilt sucks!

A Mothers guilt sucks! I am not talking about the guilt that mother hammer down on their elder children to get them to do things (Mom!). I mean the guilt you feel when your kids cry for you when you leave them, the guilt you feel when your kids get hurt the one second you aren't paying attention, The damn guilt you feel when your kids are out of control and push you to the edge and you explode at them. That is the guilt that sucks!
I started a Couch to 5K program where I have to walk/run 3 days a week. Not a tall order right! So The Princess goes to school 3 days a week...Great time to work out. So I drop Mason off with Papa, bring Kylie to school and go do my workouts. It all works out great. But one thing....
Mason cries every time I bring him to Papa's house. Don't get me wrong he loves it there. Him and Papa have a blast together. He cries so I feel bad for leaving him! And it works. The time Kylie is in school is not only a good time to work out, it would also be a great time to spend some one on one time with my little Monkey. And there is the guilt. 
I love My little man so much! And I am always feeling bad that he and I rarely get alone time with out The Princess. I had 3 years with Kylie, I don't want to short change Mason. 
I understand a happy Mom makes happy kids. And It is healthier for all of us for me to take time for myself. But hot damn that Mothers guilt SUCKS!!! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mason the Mischievous

I know.....He looks so sweet and innocent! But don't let that cute face fool you. Mason is trouble!! His goal is life right now is to get into every little thing he is not supposed to. He is smart to. No hiding toys or other items on this little guy. Or trying to block off areas he shouldn't be. He will find that toy, and he will find a way over or around your best obstacle. He is strong, smart and determined. A very scary combination for a one year old!
Of course he has his sweet days, and that makes up for it all. But on those bad days, watch out cause Momma is going to crack at any second!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mason Update

So my little Man is getting so big! He walks and runs around the house at all times. He is a little monster. You will usually find him getting into everything he is not supposed to. He is getting more and more communicative everyday. He just started really signing. He still just babbles sounds.No real words yet. He really likes making monkey sounds, and giggles every time he does! He is a very funny little guy and LOVES to laugh and play!! I love him!