Meet the Family

The Mom
That's me! I am a stay at home Mom, and My kids are my heart. I am a Vegetarian who is dieing to be Vegan but just can't shake the rare encounters with Sharp Cheddar. I love to cook and bake! The whole process is creative and rewarding. I love sweatpants and ponytails.I am a runner. I run for sanity and joy not for speed. 
So those are the basics of this Mom. I just take one day at a time and hope to make it to the next with my dignity intact.
 The Dad
That's My man! He is a sucker for his daughter, and his sons hero. He is my world, and things wouldn't work with out him. He brings home the *faux* bacon during the week, and is my 4th child on the weekends. I am lucky enough that my steak loving man goes along and enjoys my Vegan cooking!

The Princess
My first born and first honest pure love. She is my mini me. She loves to dance sing and perform. She is my drama queen. She loves her little brothers and acts as their mini mommy. She is amazing and creative and makes my world a brighter place.
The Monkey
Don't let the cute face fool you! This one is trouble! He is my hansom little momma's boy. He needs to be cuddled after every little stumble. He is 100% different then his sister in every way. He likes to keep me on my toes, and makes sure I don't get to relax to much during the day.

The Baby 
Then there was 5. Baby #3 is the glue that holds us all together. He is laid back and loving. I really feel he must be the only sane one of us all :)