Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Free Beer At The End Was The Best Reward!!

On Sunday March 27th 2011 I ran my first race ever. The Manchester Shamrock Shuffle. It was a 2 mile race I did with some friends for fun. I wanted to get a race under my belt, So I knew what to expect at my 5K in April. My goal was to just run the whole thing. I was sure I could since I run 2+ miles in training, but I wanted to see what I could do in a racing environment. Well I ended up cutting over a minute off my normal mile pace. I am totally surprised with this! Don't get me wrong, it was tough work and I struggled keeping up that pace. But it was way better then I expected.
 My Brother/Coach did the race with me and ran the whole thing by my side even though I am sure I run at his walking pace. This was very helpful and I am so grateful for his coaching! Not only did he help me know what to do to prep for a race but also he helped walk me through the whole thing. I also feel he contributed to my faster pace and now he will be forced to run every race with me :)
 All in all the race was challenging and fun! And the free beer at the end was the best reward!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Words.....

Mason does not talk. That's right my 16 month old says no words. He babbles, screams and makes all kinds of sounds. Just no words. He makes the sounds Mama and Dada, just not in reference to us. He uses some signs to tell us what he wants, but never attempts to make the words. He mimics sounds and faces but never the words I say. He waves when I say "Bye Bye!", he blows me a kiss when I say "I love you" but never a word. 
I tell myself there is nothing to worry about, every baby develops at their own rate. I reassure everyone that he communicates in his own way and lets us know what he wants, that he will talk when he is ready. I try not to pay much attention to peoples negative comments about it when it come up in conversation. I try not to compare him to his sister who was speaking 3 word sentences at 16 months. I know all the reasons- Younger siblings always talk later. Boys develop slower then girls. As long a he is communicating some way its just fine. 
To be honest, I go back and forth between being scared shitless, and being relaxed about it. Some days I am convinced there is something wrong with my handsome sweet boy and I cry. Other days I feel like whats the big deal he will talk when he is ready. I convince myself worrying and crying only makes me one of those crazy overprotective Moms. Mostly I think He is happy and healthy and that's all the matters. And I dream that someday I will look back on this and think how dumb I was to worry over something so insignificant, and that he will talk before I know it and that I will wonder why I ever wanted him to start.
But right now the worry will always be there, until his first word.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kinda Makes The Suffering Worth It......

The best part of running is that feeling you get right after you finish a run. The run can be a great run or it could be your worst run yet, not matter which one the feeling is usually the same. It is almost indescribable. Like a surge of adrenaline. At first it was more of a "Thank god I am finished with this running shit" but now its more of a "Whoa, That felt good". I am still not crazy about running while I am actually running, but it is getting better, and that feeling kinda makes the suffering worth it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

All For My Babies!

One of the biggest reasons I have taken on this running challenge is something that I don't talk about much. While my health and fitness do play a role in my goals, mostly I do this for my kids. I want my babies to see that being active is an important part of life, and how can I teach that to them by sitting on the couch. I always hope for a better healthier life for my kids. I am starting to see the best way to instill this is through example. 
While I do my workouts I daydream that someday Mason and Kylie will enjoy many sports throughout their life, and be as active as they can be. Maybe even go for a run with their Mom time and again. I can already see the affect my new running has on Kylie. She runs around the house pretending to be in races, and always wants me to see how fast she can run. Right now she is at an age where she LOVES everything active! Every sport or activity we sign her up for she is always willing and ready. And I never want her to lose that love for sports and exercise. So I will keep trying to be active in my life and hope my children will learn that fitness and sports are a fun important part of life!!