Monday, March 7, 2011

All For My Babies!

One of the biggest reasons I have taken on this running challenge is something that I don't talk about much. While my health and fitness do play a role in my goals, mostly I do this for my kids. I want my babies to see that being active is an important part of life, and how can I teach that to them by sitting on the couch. I always hope for a better healthier life for my kids. I am starting to see the best way to instill this is through example. 
While I do my workouts I daydream that someday Mason and Kylie will enjoy many sports throughout their life, and be as active as they can be. Maybe even go for a run with their Mom time and again. I can already see the affect my new running has on Kylie. She runs around the house pretending to be in races, and always wants me to see how fast she can run. Right now she is at an age where she LOVES everything active! Every sport or activity we sign her up for she is always willing and ready. And I never want her to lose that love for sports and exercise. So I will keep trying to be active in my life and hope my children will learn that fitness and sports are a fun important part of life!!

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