Monday, February 28, 2011

Half Way!

So I am just starting week 9 of my C25K. Which means I have completed 8 of my 16 weeks of training! One way I look at it I am very excited and proud to have stuck with this for 8 weeks. Another way I look at it I can't believe I am only 8 weeks in. Either way I am half way there, and so happy with my progress. 
Even 8 weeks in I am learning a lot about myself and this running thing. For one, I HATE running on a treadmill and try my hardest to avoid it. Another thing I have learned it that running outside without the ipod is surprisingly therapeutic. And Proper running gear totally makes a difference. I have also learned that I can be a running person. Can you believe I have already started looking into 10K training programs. I even have a 10K race in mind for a goal! I also and getting more into other exercises to improve my running. I know!!! I hardly recognize myself!
All in all this is a great journey, and I think it is going to change me for the better! 

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