Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Couch to 5K Journey!

All my life I have seen people run and was envious. The cool clothes, shoes and gadgets along with the fit and tones bodies. I wanted to be them. So year after year I got on the treadmill and tried to run myself. I HATE IT!! Yes i know surprise, I hate running. In my head it is so much better then in reality. But still that goal of running a 5K race is in the back of my head.
 My 2 Brothers are super athletes. They do it all, but mostly they run. They run miles and miles. When they come visit they are always off doing some workout or another. Running, Biking, Swimming. They are damn Triathlete for cookie sake!!! Then there is me. The larger, lazier, mother of 2 sister, Who would rather bake for days then run one step.
 So I have made a promise to myself and only myself to run that 5K this year! Maybe two! But I am going to do it. So I started the Couch to 5K Program. My Brother came up with a good 3 day a week workout schedule for me to follow based off the ones you can get online. I am currently in week 2. Week one was great! I was motivated, it felt good to work out. I *Hearted* my 60 second runs. But now I hate it. Who would have thought 90 second of running would suck so much. I feel great after, but during I feel like banging my head on a wall. But I am going to do this if it kills me!! To be honest the only thing that keeps me going are the cute running clothes I get to buy when I do my race. Also I promised myself I can wear a cute Team Sparkle Skirt at my race! 
I plan to journal my journey to 5K here so stay tuned for my progress!! I WILL RUN A 5K!!!! If only for the cute skirt :)

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