Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick of Snowdays

Okay this might make me sound like the worst Mom in the world but I am so sick on snow-days!!! The Princess had a snow day last week, then had a holiday Monday and a snow-day today this week. Not only is it having an extra kid around those days, it usually means we are stuck in the house for at least a day. two wound up kids and one cabin fever mom makes for a bad mix. I know I can take them outside to play and I try to when I can. But it is kinda a pain to suit them up and drag them out. Then 15 minutes later they start whining they are wet and cold and want to come in. Then all I have is wet and snowy clothes thrown around the house. And trying to do errands on a snow day is not ideal either, again stuffing kids in warm layers dragging then in and out of the car, and traipsing snow everywhere. With Mason not walking very well I still have to carry him around a lot. His winter coat makes me feel like I am carrying around a marshmallow baby. 
All in all something that used to bring me joy now brings dread!!

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