Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Race

So the race I have chosen as my first 5K is the 7th Annual NHTI/Delta Dental 5K Road Race. There was no reason for choosing this race other then when it was happening and that it was in my town. It will be on April 22nd, that seemed like a good time frame for my training. That is a full 16 weeks training.
I am now into my 3rd week. The first workout of week 3 went very well. The running part is still hard but getting better. Still only running for 60-90seconds at a time, broken up with 90seconds of walking. The one big lesson I have learned form this so far is that I might want to cut down on the garlic and onions I eat, since that's all I smell when I do my workout!!!  lol!! Oh well could be worse I guess! 
So all in all things are going well. The workouts are not so bad when my mind frame is in a good place. If I am in a bad mood i find my workout sucks!!! So my goal is to try and always be in a good mood and hopefully my workouts won't suck.

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  1. congats on the race.. you are motiviating me to do one!!