Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Play Gym Saved My Sanity!

This winter has been the wost winter for me, I think ever! I am not sure if it is the small apartment? All the snow? Or shorter days? All I do know is I am in one major funk.
Kylie has had so many snow days, and we have been trapped in the house a lot with all the storms. And the bigger Mason gets the smaller our apartment gets. We don't have a lot of windows as it is but this time of year I have to keep the curtains shut to keep warm inside. For the last couple weeks all I really wanted to do all day was stay in bed and sleep until it was spring. And the poor kids have been crawling up the walls with no outlet for all their energy, thus driving me bananas. I haven't wanted to go out and see people, or cook dinner which normally is fun for me. Our regular schedule hasn't been around since Christmas. 
Well finally I couldn't handle it anymore, and made it my mission to get the kids and myself out of the house to do something active. Even if it meant going to the mall indoor playground. So I dressed the kids (lately we haven't been getting out of our jammies), loaded everyone in the car and we went off to a local gymnastics gym with open gym hours in the mornings. This little outing saved my life!! The kids did nothing but run and bounce and play for an hour straight. And I got to run around after Mason and even talk to a couple adults. It was cold out but the sun was out and I loves having it shine down on us while driving! It was wonderful to get out with people and enjoy the kids, instead of being annoyed by them. We are definitely going to make a weekly trip to this gym while there is still snow on the ground! Hopefully it's enough to keep me out of my funk.

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