Thursday, February 10, 2011

Runners Anonymous.......

So I am officially obsessed with running. I know it's weird! I have only been doing this C25K stuff for 5 and a half weeks, and I only run for about 15 minutes split up with some walking. But I am really into this. I spend most free time on line looking at clothing, stretches, races, shoes, and runner blogs. I examine over and over again my training schedule, and my progress.  I am constantly thinking about my first race, and how it is going to feel crossing that finish line. On my days off I am figuring out my next workout, and on my workout days I dream of the time when running a 5K will be fun and easy.
 It is a sick addiction! While I am running I mostly am not having fun, but when I am not running I want to be! I think I might need a Runners Anonymous meeting.
I wonder will this obsession wear off after time, or will this be my life from now on?

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  1. Ha! Runnning is an addiction! I went from hating to run, to kinda liking it but not really, to it's okay, to it feels good, to OMG I can't stop!!! That 5k turned into a 10k to a half and now training for a full marathon in April! Running is my drug of choice.... a runner's high is the best feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction...right up there with the kid's first pee on the potty or saying "mom" for the first time! mandie