Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Treadmill, I HATE YOU!!!

I can not wait for spring. I am now craving to do my C25K workouts outside. But with the slush and snow I am stuck on the treadmill. Our apartment complex has a gym, not the best gym but a free gym so it works for me. They have old treadmills stuffed in a room in the community building. I think the biggest problem is they keep the temp at 80 degrees and there is no air flow. Running in a hot stuffy room is not fun at all. I am praying and waiting for the day the roads are clear enough for me to run on. Right now I am worried with the snow and slush, and the fact that I have never really run outside, that I might hurt myself. 
 So I hope that ground hog is right and that we end up with an early spring! I mean I think we deserve it with all the snow we are getting this winter!

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