Friday, December 10, 2010

Sick Monsters

My babies are sick! I HATE when my babies are sick!! But I am usually pretty good at being the good mama bear who spoils and cares for her sick cubs. The whining, the crying, the boogers and the puking....all a pain in the butt, but I can handle it. And it's not all bad there is lots of snuggling, cuddling and hugging involved that I love!!
 However there is one part of sick kids I cannot stand. Coughing! All the coughing! Day coughing and night coughing. Coughing til they gag. I HATE it all. It just gets under my skin. Makes me yell, cry and be an all around bad Mama. The absolute worst is the night coughing. They can't sleep, you can't sleep and with kiddos under 4 there isn't much you can do about it. I elevate, I use saline spray, I pour honey down their throat. I try it all. By morning I am exhausted and defeated, and they are usually grumpy and difficult. 
 This week Kylie has gotten her first bad cold since turning 4. We have no cold meds in the house for kids. Mostly she doesn't need them, and I am not one to give medicine unless absolutely necessary. For the past couple night her cough was not so bad, just showing itself when she first lay down and when she first woke up. Typical cough. Well last night she went to bed and coughed.....and coughed....and coughed. Poor kid couldn't fall asleep for more then an hour or so with out having to wake up with a coughing fit for 20 minutes. So around 4am I couldn't stand it any more and headed out to the store for some cough meds. Well nothing is 24 hours anymore!! NOTHING! Unless I want coffee and donuts, or an egg mcmuffin. I drove around forever in the cold to find somewhere open. Returning empty handed to a coughless little girl who was wide awake and ready for her day. At 5am! At least her cough was gone for now. 
I now have children cough medicine in my cabinet, And an extra pot of coffee brewing for my day!

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