Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet the Monsters!
Some of you may know them well, Some of you may only see them for special occasions, Some of you may have never met them before.

These are my babies, Kylie "The Princess", and Mason "The Monkey".
Kylie loves all things Princess and dresses that twirl. Mason is my little man who is still trying to figure out the world. Kylie LOVES to dance. Mason LOVES to watch his sister dance. Kylie is my good listener and well behaved little girl. Mason is my, pull this down while climbing on that, rough and tumble little boy. Kylie is Mommy's little independent girl. Mason is my Mama's boy who needs a hug with every trip and tumble. Kylie came into this world with drama and flare. Mason made his first appearance relaxed and wonderfully uneventful. Mason loves his sister and Kylie loves her brother, and Mommy loves them more then anything in the whole wide world!

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