Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What was I thinking!

The last race I did before I got knocked up was Tufts 10K for women in Boston. I actually found out I was pregos a couple days after that race.

 It is a great race and event. I swore I would do the race every year. So maybe a month before Logan was born I signed up for this years race. I figured it would help motivate me to get back into running after giving birth. I knew I probably wouldn't be up to running the full 6.2 miles but I would try and run as much as I could. Fortunately I didn't need the motivation of the race to get my running shoes back on. I practically wanted to run out of the hospital. What I wasn't expecting though was this third pregnancy and labor was really going to do a number on my hips/back. So running has been a struggle. I started to slowly add in some running/walking exercising to my life, and it didn't end so well. I am now back to limiting my exercising. It's very frustrating to say the least. 
 So now I am two and a half weeks out from the 10K and I have barley walked the distance since last years race. So I will not be running any of it, But I will still be doing the race. Since being the best Ironman spectator ever I do know I am capable of walking the distance. It just might be a bit slower then I am used to. And not running it make me feel a bit embarrassed and sad, but it also gives me the motivation to make sure that next year I WILL be running it, and hopefully will get a PR! :)

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