Monday, September 10, 2012


So the biggest challenge I have faced when trying to get back on track with my running is my back. Three pregnancies and births really have done a number on my lower back and hips. Off and on for the last 6 years I have had sciatic pain. It's this awful nerve pinching that shoots sharp pain down your leg. Making it very hard to move around. It was never really that bad, I would just move the wrong way and it would act up. Then I would rest and it would be better the next day. When I started running it never bothered me unless I was running longer runs like 4-6 miles. Even then I would have to sit and rest for the day and it would be better the next day. But pregnancy and baby number three decided to make things worse. Since peeing on the stick my sciatic had been acting up in a bad way. I assumed giving birth was the cure. Ha! Silly me. I hobbled my way out of the hospital in worse shape then going in almost. So I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted. Which helped. Until I decided to strap on my sneakers and go out for my first post-baby run. Yeah, I couldn't move. Making parenting very difficult. So anyway, I am now working with my chiropractor trying to get myself in good condition to train for and run a 13.1. I am just now able to run a little at a time, although it still acts up a bit. But it gets better every day and although things aren't moving as fast as I would like, it IS getting better. And with a lot of time and patients I WILL reach my 13.1 goal.
 My other challenge is to eat the right foods and lose some weight which will greatly help my back issues. I am still stuck in my very bad pregnancy eating habits. Which were extremely bad! So starting today I am only putting healthy whole foods in me and cutting down on my gigantic serving sizes. "What? You mean a whole pizza isn't a proper serving size??"
 I am making life changes today! I know it won't go smoothly and I won't always be perfect (I know! Hard to believe.) But I will sure as hell try my hardest and I will run those 13.1 miles!!


  1. Without struggles, life would be boring right (don't we wish it were that boring)?! My mom has had sciatic pain for 20 years or so and has endured more than I can mention, but I know that icing it helps her immensely. There are also anti-inflammatory foods that can help it ( I think it's awesome that you are getting back out there already. I'm in much the same place as you at the moment with running and food choices/portion control - my issue is hypothyroidism and not sciatic pain, but it's a frustrating condition where I have to get my blood tested every 3 months and keep adjusting meds so my metabolism won't totally come to a halt. My body is fighting weight loss like you would not believe though. I identify with the pizza thing entirely. Keep chipping away day by day. It's good to see you taking the right steps towards a happier/more active life! Go get those 13.1!!!!!!

  2. It is always advisable to have regular visits to your chiropractor, particularly that you are into sports. Keep us posted with your adventures and may you have happy training.