Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Kids

So here is a quick update on my babies. We have been kind of in hiding the last few weeks. The whole family was sick and then recovering from all being sick. Stomach bugs are the worst. When it was all over I disinfected the house from top to bottom.
But now we are all better and the kids are as cute as ever. I think we just had a couple of growth spurts, since my kids see very tall and skinny all of a sudden. Mason is getting to be such a big boy. He is starting understand things more and getting his points across as well. He has started saying a few words here and there. Mostly just a few sounds that only a few people can understand as words. 
I have been having a hard time watching Kylie grow all of a sudden. It makes me really sad to see my little girl get so big. She is so independent and can do most things all on her own. She rarely needs me and although it is nice to not have to help her with everything. It is sad to not have her need me for most things :(
All in all we are doing well. We have a couple busy months ahead of us, so hopfully I can keep you posted on some Hall Family outing! :)

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