Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Ran and Liked It!!!!

I am not sure if it was the easy workout, or the fact that I got to get out of my sick child infested house and do something for myself, but I loved my workout yesterday. It is my easy week and I am back to doing 90 second reps. This time 90 seconds was nothing! Usually I watch every second tick by during my running reps, but this time I barely noticed the time and even caught myself running over time! Again I understand it is only 90 seconds, but when I look back at how I used to feel about running 90 seconds I am amazed. There really is hope for me to be able to run 5K and not hate myself every step of the way. I mean I'll probably have to start running marathons before I feel like a 5K is a walk in the park, but at least I know it is possible!!

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