Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Cow! I Did It!!!

So I have been looking back at past posts of my Couch to 5K journey, trying to think of something to say about how I feel now that I have completed my goal of running a 5K.  It is amazing to see how my views on running have changed over the last 16 weeks. When I started this "Project" all I really wanted to do was run a full 5K just to be able to say I did it. I had no plans of becoming a runner, I wasn't even sure I would make it through to do the first one. Now I have training schedules and plans of Half marathons in my not so near future.
 Doing that first 5K was a mix of emotions for me. Being sick the whole week prior to the race affected my performance and I ran the race way slower then I was expecting. Thus making me feel disappointed. But crossing that finish line, running every step of that race, doing the 5K I set out to was an amazing feeling. I set a goal, worked hard and achieved it. I am not good at following through and sticking with things. But this time I did and it was so worth it.
 Running is kinda a solo sport. Your the only one making your legs move, talking yourself into not stopping, making yourself to push harder. But to say I did this on my own would be a mistake. I had a whole army helping me reach this goal. My husband dealing with non-stop running talk, making sure we budget money for running clothes and races, and for letting me get away for workouts on the weekends. My Mother and father for watching the kids for me during the week when I needed to get away for a work out. My Brother Andy for being a bad ass Iron man and inspiring me to start this journey in the first place. Last but not least my Brother Eric also known as my coach. He made my schedule and forced me to check in with him on how every work out went. He was my go to guy with all my running questions. I am sure all my concerns were annoyingly trivial and "Newbie" to him, but he still helped me however he could. He ran a couple workouts with me at my extremely slow pace, and went out of his way to make sure he was at my first race and ran every step with me even though I was disappointingly slow. I am so Thankful for him and all he has done to help me reach this goal. I am an extremely lucky sister.
 So What now? you say. Well I have a bunch of 5K's planned for the spring and summer. But my next big goal is a 10K race in October. So my running shoes are still on, and I don't think they will coming off anytime soon!!

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  1. Congrats on your first 5K Jyoti! That's amazing and keep working hard toward your next races. Not only are you setting and accomplishing goals for yourself but your kids are going to see you as a rockstar mom too!