Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh My Santa!

So Kylie has this Lego advent calendar. Every day she get to open up a door filled with Lego pieces that build anything from people in a family to a snowplow. On day 18 she got a shower to build, I thought a little weird but oh well the family needed a place to get clean. But then day 19 came and she got this!

 Santa in thong with a scrub brush for the shower! Ummm.....That is totally weird. A bit funny, but weird! Kylie didn't seem phased by it, she giggled a little but nothing scarring.  I guess I was expecting a full dressed Santa with his sleigh for the last day or two. Not Santa in his black thong in the shower with his scrub brush. It was very silly and surprising which I am sure was Lego's idea. But I think I would have preferred a normal Santa in his red suit riding in his sleigh.

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