Monday, December 20, 2010

I formula fed my kids, and I am not ashamed!

I fully understand that breast milk is by far the best thing for our babies. It is something I planned on doing and tried hard to do with both my babies. With Kylie I starved her for 6 weeks before I figured it wasn't working out. Mason it took 3 sleepless nights, a crying frustrated Mommy and a screaming hungry baby before I made the choice to switch. Yes in both instances I felt like a failure, like I was giving up. I beat myself up for weeks thinking I could have tried harder, and I let the lack of sleep get to me. It was only after I caught up on sleep and got out of the "New baby" haze that I saw I made the best decision I could for my family.
 I have had countless nursing mom's turn their noses up at me in disgust when I brought out my bottle and powder. And I always wondered if they understood they were judging me the same way people judge them when they pull out their boob in public. Don't misunderstand me, I am not comparing nursing your baby in public to bottle feeding in public. I am all for nursing in public, and totally support the fight to nurse in public. I have even done it a time or two in the early days with Kylie. I am referring to the feelings involved. That the same judgmental attitude nursing mothers feel, is the same judgmental attitude they throw at formula feeding mothers.
 It all goes back to why? Why are Mother judging Mothers? I am sure in most cases we all want the same thing, Healthy happy children.
 Again I do know Breast Milk is what is best for babies, But only I know whats best for my family. And until you walk a day in my shoes don't judge.

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